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Aktiv Player is a versatile Windows OS audio player
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Aktiv Player is a music player for Windows. With support for the most popular audio files, the program is an interesting, free option for those in need of a simple application that besides playing music is capable of organizing your music collection.

Aktiv Player works pretty much as any other program for this purpose; it has the basic player controls to play, stop, and jump to next/previous tracks. It includes a basic equalizer, lets you shuffle, cross-fade, and repeat single songs or playlists, and is capable of playing the first 10 seconds of any track with the Intro function. All these actions can be performed either through the main controls or by means of hotkeys.

The music tracks added to the program will appear in the Library, a resizable, customizable panel that organizes music according to your preferences: by artist, album, genre, etc. In the library, it's possible to switch views, rate songs, order them according to criteria such as times played, and more. As regards playlists, it's possible to create custom playlists with your favorite tracks or use the Dynamic Playlists, a feature that automatically creates lists of songs taking into account your playback habits; 10 most played, 50 last played, etc.

Additional features include the possibility of listening to online radio stations, a tag editor that lets you easily modify your files information, and enhancement by means of plugins.

As far as design and layout go, I have to say this player doesn't look particularly slick, in fact its interface is a bit dated and dull. That added to the fact that the combination of colors is not really attractive. All you can do about that is change the colors of the interface as well as those of the fonts.

All in all, Aktiv Player does a very good job of playing audio and organizing music. It supports a total of 13 audio formats, and includes several features that make it a good choice among the free audio players out there. It may not look as pretty as most modern players do, but still offers what most music fans expect from an audio player.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Simple music player that works very well
  • Free
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Supports the most common file types
  • Hotkey support
  • Lets you listen to online radio stations
  • Supports plugins
  • Mini-player mode


  • The interface doesn't look very attractive. It could really use some improvement
  • No support for album covers
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